Alumni News

James Mackay (Graduating Class of 2012)

“James is a courteous and respectful class member”, the opening line to every report card I ever received but the grades all went south from there. My journey at St Andrews Lutheran College began in Prep in the year 2000 and finished in 2012 when I graduated Year 12. While my name was never featured in any of the school’s many celebrations for achieving anything particularly great, besides from Art, I loved my time at St Andrews because of the school community, the fantastic facilities and the committed teaching and support staff. I achieved at standard or below in most key learning areas. This is not to say I wasn’t capable, nor did the rich education that St Andrews provided me with go unserved. In Year 11 I made the choice not to undertake the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) exam, as University was not on the cards. I graduated Year 12 topping Art and passing English by the skin of my teeth. It was out into the workforce from there where I spent five and a half long years working at McDonalds. After years of flipping burgers I decided to enrol in Southern Cross University’s Pathways Program, a free course that would guarantee entry into my desired course with the right grades. Five years later I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary) and was offered a position to continue my studies with Honours. The doors opened up from there as I accepted my first full time teaching position in Year 3 at Pacific Pines Primary School.  Along with the support of my loving, hard working parents, St Andrews laid the foundations for who I am today.