Alumni News

Ryan Bowles Class of 2006 – College Captain

I graduated in 2006... 13 years! Yet it seems like only yesterday I was walking to my car for the final time. (Or was it...) 

I wasn’t clear on my direction after graduating so I tried a tonne of stuff in order to find something that I loved, was good at and something they would pay me for. 

I worked in retail, I worked in sales, I dug holes for a guy until my hands bled... definitely didn’t enjoy that last one, but I learned a lot. 

Eventually I became a personal trainer and also formed a band called Prepared Like A Bride. We toured the band for 6 years and took it to NZ, USA, Canada, Japan and many laps around Australia.

During the band period (2009-2015) I started a Freelance Graphic Design business and serviced clients worldwide, usually while working from the back of a tour van. 

In 2017 I turned my knowledge of business and marketing skills into an online program for Creative Freelancers to help them grow their businesses and have since helped thousands of creatives grow.

I’ve always been one to notice when doors open and when they close and in June 2017 I received a call from Principal David Bliss. He invited me to take a walk around the College where he asked if I would join the College Council, to which I accepted. Recently I accepted the great honour of Deputy Chairman of the Council. 

This year I pivoted my business and over the past 9 months have created an online coaching program that helps entrepreneurs grow and monetise Facebook groups in their business. 

This is just a snapshot of what I've been up to in 13 years. I’m loving every second of life and what I get to do every day and for that I feel very blessed.