Alumni News - Ben Gehrke

Ben Gehrke Class of 2011

"My name is Ben Gehrke. I was School Captain and a graduate of St Andrews from 2011. I currently work as a Senior Physiotherapist at John Flynn Hospital, a sessional lecturer for Griffith University's Master of Physiotherapy program, and teach people to play drums from my business, Drumlab.

What is your advice for younger students of St Andrews Lutheran College?

You will be surprised at just how many of your fellow classmates will be a part of your life into adulthood. Be kind to each other and cherish your friendships, one day you will all be helping each other out in the real world with your various talents.

How did St Andrews prepare you to reach your goals?

The teaching staff took a genuine interest in every one of us and worked their best to help us improve as students and people. The teachers could recognise interests and natural abilities and fostered these talents.

Who was influential in reaching your goal?

Ms Gendi Moore, my Year 10-12 music teacher, will always be remembered by myself and everybody she came into contact with for her incredible passion for music and life itself.

What were your favourite classes?

Music, Physics, and Sport (go Gowandi!).

Could you describe one of your typical work days?

I will usually start my morning down in the intensive care unit (ICU), treating the respiratory and circulatory systems of ventilated patients and getting patients who have been very unwell to attempt some form of exercise. This continues in the wards and physio gym where I can use a variety of equipment (treadmills, weights, rails) to rehabilitate and help improve the strength, balance and mobility of higher-level patients. Most of my work involves people who have had strokes, heart attacks, fractures, amputations or are medically unwell... it is very rewarding work!"