Bailey Scott

Bailey Scott, graduating Class of 2017 

Since graduating in 2017, I completed a year of a Bachelor of Engineering at Griffith University. The close of 2018 saw me get drafted via the Father-Son rule to North Melbourne Football Club in the AFL. I now live in Melbourne and wear number 8 for North Melbourne Kangaroos. The move to Melbourne opened the doors to a number of top-class universities. I now attend the University of Melbourne. I’m almost halfway through my Bachelor of Science, majoring in Astrophysics in which I complete on a part time basis. 

During my time at St Andrews, I developed some long-term friendships, unlocked a passion for physics and became well prepared for life after schooling. There were a number of influential teachers during my time at St Andrews, none stood more prominent in my life than Dr Naidoo. I spent a number of years in his classes through middle school and high school. Dr Naidoo’s ability to teach valuable life lessons within the term-by-term curriculum was second to none. 

Obviously, it’s not hard to realise that my favourite class during my time at St Andrews was any Dr Naidoo taught, however my final years in physics were definitely the best. Year 11 and 12 Physics unlocked my strong passion for astrophysics in which I have pursued further into university. Some of my classmates, along with Dr Naidoo, spent many hours discussing controversial and mind-blowing topics, often well outside of curriculum requirements but always enhancing our understanding and curiosity. Dr Naidoo created a learning environment that expanded our education and knowledge but also shaped us into good people. We learnt the work ethic required to be successful post school, but we also learnt how to be authentic, how to explore ideas and pursue interests. To have his class achieve a good mark in Year 12 Physics was only a short-term view to Dr Naidoo, his goal was guiding us on the pathway to reaching our full life potential.

This leads me to some advice for the students of St Andrews. Firstly, enrol in Dr Naidoo’s classes! If you can’t, then go to his chess club at break. You’ll learn more about life than chess, I promise, I’ve been there. Secondly, if you know what subjects/topics/ideas you’re passionate about and enjoy, pursue them through school, university and life. The desire to understand and learn more about your passion will help you stay on track through good times and bad, but ultimately your satisfaction throughout that journey is unrivalled. If you don’t know what you enjoy or haven’t found your passion, don’t worry. I’ve changed degrees at university twice and love what I'm studying today. It has led me to a course that revisits the strong curiosity for space and physics I discovered in Year 12. So, keep trying new things, explore variety and eventually you'll connect with a particular subject or topic which will help shape your journey.

Keep working towards your goals and dreams. In my Year 4 class I told Ms Hinze I was going to be number 8 for North Melbourne one day, now I’m blessed with the opportunity to do this for every game of football. So get to Dr Naidoo’s classes, find your passion and stick with it. St Andrews has everything you need to be prepared for life, not just school.