Fee Schedule 2023

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The fees outlined in this schedule are fully inclusive of all curricular related activities. St Andrews does not charge any supplementary fees for student accident insurance, subject materials, text book hire, locker hire, etc. Our fee schedule is inclusive of all compulsory curriculum related excursions and camps including the cost of the Canberra excursion (Year 6) and the Edge Program known as “GOOGA” (Year 9).

Tuition Fees and Course Levies

Year LevelsTuition Fee Per TermCourse Levy Per TermTotal Per TermTermsTotal Annual FeesDiscounted Annual Fees*
Prep - Year 6$1,480$370$1,850x 4$7,400$7,105
Year 7$1,700$450$2,150x 4$8,600$8,255
Year 8$1,760$415$2,175x 4$8,700$8,350
Year 9 - 10$1,980$480$2,460x 4$9,840$9,445
Year 11 - 12$2,050$440$2,490x 4$9,960$9,560

Other Costs

Enrolment Application Fee$100Once only fee upon application – non refundable
Enrolment Deposit$250 per FamilyRefundable Deposit – conditions apply
Alumni Membership$250 per StudentOnce only fee for Alumni Membership – non refundable
Capital Levy$100 per Family per TermTo fund capital improvements
Student Accident InsuranceIncludedNo extra charge
Stationery Packs (Prep to Year 6)IncludedNo extra charge
Text Book Hire (Year 7 to 12)IncludedNo extra charge
Camps and ExcursionsIncludedNo extra charge for curriculum related excursions or camps
Before and After School Bus Services$3.50 per tripDedicated College Operated Services

*Annual Discount

The College offers parents a discount should they wish to pay for their children’s annual fees in advance. Please note that in addition to the Discounted Annual Fees listed above, the Capital Levy will also apply. In order to receive this discount, payments must be received in full to the College by Friday 3 February 2023. This discount is in addition to the sibling discounts on tuition fees provided to parents (see below). Therefore, the final discounted annual figure will depend on the composition of each individual family. Please use the Annual Fees Estimator on the College website or contact the Finance Office for specific fee information or calculations.

Sibling Discount on Tuition Fees

Number of Children simultaneously attending from a single family2nd Child3rd Child4th & Subsequent Children
Discount on Tuition Fee Only10%20%100%

Term Based Prompt Payment Discount

A $30 prompt payment discount per term will be applied to parent accounts with a nil balance (or on balances in credit) before the due date on the Fee Statement. (Note: those families who received the Annual Discount will not also receive this $30 prompt payment discount.)

Due Dates

Fees will be invoiced each term and are payable on the due date listed on the Statements which will be sent by email. Alternative payment agreements can be made with the College Business Manager.

Financial Assistance

Limited short-term financial assistance may be available to families who are experiencing genuine financial difficulty. Parents can apply for a means tested fee concession which will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Collections Policy

The College has a staged process to collect outstanding accounts. While every attempt will be made to come to a suitable payment plan, on-going fee arrears will lead to formal recovery proceedings. The cost incurred by the College for undertaking formal debt recovery proceedings will be added to the account and is fully recoverable.

Confirmation Deposits

When a place is offered to newly enrolled students, parents will be required to lodge a $250 enrolment deposit and

$250 for Lifetime Membership of the Alumni Association. Additionally, a payment of $1,000 (representing fees in advance) will be required by 1 October in the year prior to commencement. This payment will then be credited to the student’s Term 1 fees. Payment of these fees confirm placement for the student.

Should the confirmation deposit be paid, and the student’s enrolment is cancelled prior to entering the College, the deposit will be forfeited by parents. In exceptional circumstances, where the parents can demonstrate to the Principal that factors quite outside their control led to the cancellation, they may apply for a refund of the deposit. However, any refund is entirely at the discretion of the Principal.

Once the student has commenced at the College, the holding deposit of $250 will be held until 90 days after the family has left the College, at which time it will be refunded upon request, less any outstanding monies owed to the College.

Notice Period

If a student is to leave the College before Graduation, it is a condition of enrolment that parents/guardians must give a full term’s notice in writing to the Principal. This written notice must be received no later than the commencement of the last term of attendance.

If notice is not given in full, parents/guardians agree to pay one term’s full fees in addition to the forfeiture of the enrolment deposit. This amount is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss the College would suffer as a result of the lack of notice.


Approved by St Andrews Lutheran College Council. Updated September 2022.