Scholarships 2024

Applications for 2024 Scholarships open Tuesday 4 October 2022 will close 10 February 2023.

St Andrews Lutheran College offers limited Scholarships from Year 7 onwards to existing and prospective students. Scholarships are offered to students with a demonstrated high degree of excellence in his or her chosen area, combined with a high degree of personal commitment.

Scholarships are available in the following areas:

  • Academic Scholarships
  • General Excellence Scholarships (Leadership, Community Service, Excellence exhibited across a number of areas)
  • Performing Arts Scholarships (Dance, Speech and Drama, Music)
  • Creative Arts Scholarships (Media Arts, Visual Art)
  • Sport Scholarships
  • Indigenous Scholarships

A Scholarship will normally be held from Years 7 to 9 or from Years 10 to 12. Year 7 to 9 scholarships will be reviewed at the commencement of Year 9 where students and parents may be asked to attend a scholarship review meeting. A letter outlining an offer of scholarship for Year 10 to 12 will be sent after the scholarship review has been completed. The College also reserves the right to terminate the scholarship at any time in the event of gross or continued breaches of expectations, unwarranted decline in academic achievement or application, or persistent failure to support the College in its co-curricular program.

Dependent on individual circumstances, a student can be successful in multiple scholarship areas with the scholarships running concurrently.

All Scholarships are a remission of the tuition fee component of a student’s school fees. The remission amount is determined by the Principal.

For further Information please see below.

Please contact the Director of Enrolments and Community Engagement, Ms Bonita Jay if you have any queries by calling (07) 5568 5900 or by email