Outdoor Education

 Building on the experiences from ‘The Edge’ program in Year 9, the Outdoor Education Program in the Senior School aims to develop the leadership capabilities and teamwork skills of students. The focus is about allowing young people to challenge themselves and to see what role they play as individuals in the year level cohort and as a group… turning the ‘Me’ into a ‘We’.

The Year 11 Emu Gully Leadership Camp has long been a highlight for many students in our community. Its focus on developing character through concepts based on the ANZAC spirit has proven to be the making of some of our young people. The camp’s central concept is based on ideas such as courage, mateship, perseverance and sacrifice.

The Year 12 retreat at the start of the year is a time of reflection and goal setting for the year ahead. Students get the opportunity to set goals for themselves and the year level as a whole in order to focus, challenge and inspire each other