Bus Routes

Bus Routes

To assist students travelling by bus to and from the College safely, the College utilises an online system, RollCall. RollCall is a bus management system that delivers peace of mind to both parents and the College through its many features.

The system includes the following functions.

  • As your child scans a token when boarding the bus in the mornings, the RollCall system will send you an automatic email confirming the time and place your child has boarded. When your child scans a token when disembarking at the College, you will again receive an automatic email and you can be reassured your child has made it safely to St Andrews.
  • The same process as outlined above, will occur in the afternoon. In addition to this, you will be able to see the live location of the bus (as it moves) that your child is travelling in, using the RollCall Parent App. With this real-time visibility available, parents are able to be at the bus stop in time for their child to get off the bus.

To ensure this system is used to its full capacity, please ensure you and your child/ren have completed the below steps.

  • Students travelling on buses are required to have their College tag at all times. These are available from the Main Reception for $20 ($10 refunded on their return).
  • Once you have collected a tag, an invitation email from RollCall will be sent to you and you are required to set up an account.
  • Students are required to tap on and off – similar to travel with GoCard.

Current Bus Routes

Please see the below interactive maps for the current bus routes.

Bus stops may be subject to change. For clarification please contact Main Reception on 07 5568 5900 dial 1 for Reception