Gym and Fitness

St Andrews offers specific fitness-based programs providing extensive opportunities for all students to enhance their physical wellbeing. Maintaining lifelong physical fitness is strongly encouraged for all students. In addition to sports teams, the following facilities and programs are offered:

Fitness Gym: During the school term the Fitness Gym is open to students in Years 7 to 12. After completing an induction, students can access the gym each day from 7:00am to 8:00am and 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Mr Callum Hannay, a national level Olympic Weightlifting coach, supervises all strength and conditioning sessions. He creates a safe, fun and improvement focused environment, catering for all levels, interests and abilities.

Running Club: Students can participate in a running session one morning per week during the school term. This is open to students in Years 4 to 12 with an emphasis on increasing their cardiovascular endurance.

FitLab: This initiative offered by the College, is a strength and conditioning program individualised for each child and relevant to the sport that they play.  An external group of fitness experts will evaluate each participant’s fitness attributes and design an individualised program for each term. This does incur a cost of approximately $10 per week.