The Arts Department at St Andrews is thriving with a wide variety of programs and performance opportunities on offer. The College enjoys a positive reputation for the standard of our performance groups, with recent achievements including:



Starbound Entertainers Festival

1st Place - Jazzettes – “Proud Mary”

1st Place - Express Lyrical – “Are We There Yet?”

1st Place - Dansation – “One Night Only”

2nd Place -Combined Intensity – “To This Day”

QUOTA Eisteddfod

1st Place -JS Concert Band

3rd Place - String Ensemble

Highly Commended –  Mini Musos

Highly Commended –  Percussion Ensemble

Gold Coast Eisteddfod


3rdPlace – Semitone Choir

3rdPlace – Senior Choir


1stPlace – Razzamatazz

2ndPlace – Combined Intensity

3rdPlace – Dansation

VHC- Jazzettes

HC – Express

Gold Coast Drama Festival

“The Seussification of A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Best Actor – Eliza Thorpe

Best Comedic Performance

Runner up Best Play

“Eyes to the Floor”

Best Actor – Isaac Thorpe

Best Dramatic Performance

“Face to the Wall"

Best Actor – Lily Fleming

Best Dramatic Performance

Runner up Best Play

QUOTA Eisteddfod

1st  - Mini Musos

2nd – Jazz Band

2nd – Percussion Ensemble

2nd – JS Concert Band

Gold Coast Eisteddfod


1st Place – JS Jazzettes

1st Place – MS Dansation (One Night Only)

1st Place –MS Dansation (Mad World)

1st Place – Combined Intensity

3rd Place – JS Express


2nd Place – Semitone Choir

VHC – Senior Choir

Sydney Dance Eisteddfod

2nd Place – Mad World – Combined Intensity

3rd Place – To This Day- Combined Intensity

Gold Coast Drama Festival

Runner up Best Play – The Audition

Best Actor and Rising Star Award – Charlee Cosgriff

Gold Coast Theatre Awards


1st Place – Combined Dance Troupe feat. Percussion Ensemble – Starbound Festival

Highly Commended – MS Elite Contemporary – Starbound Festival

2nd Place - Gr 3 Animi – GC Eisteddfod

2nd Place - Combined Dance Troupe feat Percussion Ensemble – GC Eisteddfod

3rd Place - Gr 4 Animi – GC Eisteddfod

3rd Place -Jazzettes – GC Eisteddfod

3rd Place -Golden Clef Choir – GC Eisteddfod

VHC – MS Elite Contemporary – GC Eisteddfod

VHC X 2 – Combined Dance Troupe – GC Eisteddfod

VHC – Semitone Choir – GC Eisteddfod

Highly Commended – Jazz Band – GC Eisteddfod

Highly Commended – JS Concert Band – GC Eisteddfod

Highly Commended – Razzamatazz – GC Eisteddfod

Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards

2016 – Little Mermaid Jr

Nominated: Best Actress (Tia Lightbody)and Best Supporting Actor (Jonathon Aiello)

Winner – Best Vocal Direction

 2012 – The Wiz

Nominated -Best Director, Best Costumes, Best Choreographer, Best Vocal Direction, Best Youth Production, Technical Achievement

2010 Godspell

Nominated- Best Music Direction, Best Supporting Actor (Jess Purdy), Best Actor (Ethan Jones)

Winner – Best Choreography, Best Set, Best Costumes, Encouragement Award (Samantha Naday), Best Director, Best Youth Musical, Outstanding Production