Combined Intensity Troupe

Advanced College Troupe 

Our Combined Intensity Troupe is the most advanced troupe of the College. This troupe focuses on all styles of dance including contemporary, lyrical and jazz. Middle and Senior school students from Years 7 to 12 are eligible to audition and must be of an advanced skill level. Students in this troupe must possess a very high level of dance technique and demonstrate a strong commitment to rehearsals and their dance training. This troupe represent the College at various eisteddfods and are involved in College events including our annual Dance Night, Cultural Awards and Presentation Night. Combined Intensity also tours interstate where they are involved in professional dance workshops, attend a live performance and compete in a well known dance competition. In 2019, this troupe will tour to Sydney. 



2nd place ‘Body Love’ - Gold Coast Dance Eisteddfod 

2nd place ‘To This Day’ - Starbound Dance Eisteddfod 


1st place 'To This Day' - Gold Coast Eisteddfod 

2nd place 'Mad World' - Sydney Dance Eisteddfod 

3rd place 'To This Day' - Sydney Dance Eisteddfod 


1st place 'Tribal' - Starbound Dance Eisteddfod 

2nd place 'Tribal' - Gold Coast Dance Eisteddfod 

Teacher: Miss Paula Guild 


Venue: Dance Studio 

Time: Tuesday 7:30 am - 8:30 am 


Clothing: Dance attire and black knee pads (essential) 

Footwear: Bare feet or toe thongs, black jazz shoes 

Hair: Up and off face