When will I know if my child has been accepted into the College?
Interviews for available places usually take place in the year prior to entry.

What are the intake years?
The major intake years are Prep and Year 7 however students may commence in any year level, where there are available places. 

Are places available now?
Please contact the Registrar for up-to-date information on available places. 
Phone: (07) 5568 5900 or email: enrol@salc.qld.edu.au

When do I need to apply for a place?
We encourage parents to submit their application as soon as possible, once a decision has been made, so that they have the best possible chance of obtaining a place.

How do waiting lists work?
All prospective students are placed on a waiting list. For further information on the enrolment process please see Enrolment Policy and Procedures.

What languages are available at St Andrews?
In Junior School all students study Japanese from Prep to Year 6. From Middle School students have the choice of either continuing with Japanese or commencing German.

What Sports are available at St Andrews?
Please see our Sports section of our website.

What Music and Performing Arts opportunities are available for my child?
Please see our The Arts section of our website.