The Junior School Library - Facilities and Services

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The Junior School Library provides curriculum-based resources, literature and recreational materials in a variety of formats which support the continually changing needs of the Junior School community. Students and staff have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction collections with an international perspective designed to support the Primary Years Programme.

Reading Program Years 4 to 6

Literacy Pro is a research-based, online assessment resource that supports our College’s independent reading program. It provides teachers with evidence-based data, so they are informed when making teaching and learning decisions to develop their students into successful, proficient readers. Literacy Pro is powered by the Lexile framework based on over twenty years of research. The Lexile data in Literacy Pro measures two critical aspects relevant to reading comprehension development.

  • Student Reading Ability – through the Lexile test
  • Text Complexity – analysis of Lexile level books and other texts.   
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The Junior School Library caters for classes from the Early Learning Centre through to Year 6 to browse, read, interact and undertake research. The students have access to various forms of technology during the school day. There are continuously changing displays featuring student work and learning, photos, author information, coming events, special themes and student monitor designed displays. 


A variety of technology is available to staff and students. These resources are accessible throughout the school day. Students can also connect to the school network via wireless access.


The Junior School Library is staffed with a qualified full-time Teacher Librarian who is fully involved in curriculum development, teaching and training across the Junior School. In addition, the Junior School library has a full-time Library Aide and a part-time Library Technician who oversees the borrowing and processing of resources. Specific user guides, resource lists and feature resources are available for all users.

The library staff assists students to become independent inquirers and to construct their own learning. Information literacy skills and lifelong learning is actively taught in conjunction with IB’s Learner Profile and Approaches to Learning.

The Junior School Library actively promotes reading and literature through a variety of reading programs and promotion of new literature. Each class (Prep to Year 6) has a library session once a week led by the Teacher Librarian. Volunteers are most welcome.

Library Use and Borrowing

At the beginning of each year students and parents sign a Library User Agreement that outlines rights and responsibilities. Students may borrow at any time during the school day and this is actively encouraged. 

Most resources are available for a one-week loan and are renewable. Depending on the year level, up to four resources may be borrowed at any one time.