Middle School at St Andrews

Early adolescence is a wonderfully exciting time of change for our children.  Middle schooling affords us the opportunity to focus specifically upon this age group and, accordingly, provide an educational environment which nurtures, engages and challenges students through these important years.  At St Andrews, our framework of teaching and learning, emphasis on student well-being, extra-curricular activities and classroom structures are all targeted towards equipping our Middle School students with the skills, knowledge and the care required to navigate these adolescent years both successfully and safely. 

The 21st Century has brought new opportunities for today’s learners.  While the expansion of digital technologies has been the most obvious of these, we also see change necessitated within schools in the way our children solve problems, the way they work and the manner with which they connect with others and the world.  At the College we model our pedagogical practices upon contemporary educational research and provide teaching that is both age-directed and age-specific preparing our learners to engage confidently with a changing world.

At St Andrews our emphasis is on providing not just a good education but an education for good.  The College’s Service-Learning programme affords significant opportunities to look beyond the self and out to others both locally and internationally.  Additionally, our Restorative Practices Framework ensures that relationships feature at the heart of our pastoral model and that any disagreements are resolved in a manner which firstly restores these relationships.

I welcome the opportunity to talk further with you about Middle Schooling at St Andrews.

Tom Casey (Head of Department – Middle School Learning and Curriculum Design)