Middle School at St Andrews

The Middle school years encompasses a period of rapid growth and development for young people. It can be an exciting, yet challenging, time for both the young person and their family. The College places great importance on walking alongside families to support and guide children in many areas of their adolescent development. 

A wholistic approach to educating students is used to work with the young people in our care, with the aim of supporting them to achieve their personal bests. Academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions of health are valued, and programs are implemented and targeted towards specific year levels. 

At the College we model our pedagogical practices upon contemporary educational research and provide teaching that is both age-directed and age-specific. Staff work to continually offer curriculum that is both challenging and engaging.  

The development of relationships is at the core of our approach to Middle Schooling. The staff at the College strive to nurture and guide young people as they navigate their growing desire to become more independent. A Restorative Practice approach is used as the foundation of our pastoral model with any disagreements resolved in a manner that restores relationships. 

I welcome the opportunity to talk further with you about Middle Schooling at St Andrews.  

Lisa Roper 

Head of Middle School