Information Technology

Year 7 2020 - BYOD Technology

Students entering Year 7 in 2020 will be required to provide their own device for educational purposes within the classroom. The device requirements and specifications are based around function rather than a mandated device type or brand.        

Functional requirements: 
  1. Stylus enabled device
  2. Keyboard
  3. Touch enabled
  4. Front facing camera Keyboard
  5. Long battery life (at least 6 hours) 
  6. Light weight and portable 

It is highly recommended that families purchase a sturdy case and insurance in case of accidental damage.

Technology device road map 

Throughout a student’s journey in Years 7-12, it is anticipated that students will require two devices. A new device in Year 7, which should have a life span until approximately the end of Year 9.  The second device purchased will then support students as they complete their final school years.

Year 8 & 9 - 2020

Students in Years 8 and 9 will continue to use their current iPad device which was purchased in Year 7.  Year 9 students have the option of transitioning to a laptop/tablet/mac book device.

Information Technology Purchasing Portal

To assist with purchasing decisions the College has partnered with JIBI HIFI to provide education pricing on student IT devices available for purchase through the online portal. These devices have been pre-selected to meet the requirements for learning in the classroom.   

Participation in this program is voluntary. The College is simply providing an online option for parents who may be looking to purchase a new device for their child/ren and require assistance.  The College is promoting this as a service to make decisions and purchasing easier for families and is not involved in the contract of purchase and supply.

New products will be added to this portal around September/October ready for the new school year.  The portal is currently in the process of undergoing updates and changes to reflect our new requirements.  It is recommended that families wait until at least late October to purchase. 

Further information on this portal is available here


Supporting documentation and Policies

Information & Communication Technology & eSafety Accepted Use Agreement form 

Social Media Policy

ICT Acceptable Use Policy