Policy & Procedure

Building a Safe and Caring Community (including Valuing Safe Communities) 

At St Andrews the Building a Safe and Caring Community suite of policies and procedures cover the requirements needed to provide a safe and supportive environment for all staff, students and parents on campus.  The include reference to the Board of Lutheran Schools' Valuing Safe Communities documents and are as follows:

Privacy Policy and Procedures

Child Protection Policy

Mobile Phone Acceptable Use Procedures - Middle and Senior School

Social Media Policy

Anti-Bullying and Harrassment Policy - Students 

Behaviour-Relational Management Policy - Middle and Senior School

Junior School Handbook

Volunteer Handbook

Complaints and Conflict Resolution Policy, including Council Policy for Resolution of Concerns ( New Policy coming soon)

Privacy Policy

Collection Notice - Students

Collection Notice - General

Collection Notice - Volunteers and Contractors

Collection notice - Job applicants

 School Student Personal Accident Protect Plan

Credit Reporting Policy

Assessment Policies 

Assessment Policy Middle/Senior School