St Andrews Lutheran College is a Christ-centred College where ‘every child matters every day’. Adolescence is a time of great change and an increasing independence which is why we believe that it is important to create a safe and supportive environment to grow, learn and explore. Helping  each student value their own gifts and talents, feel empowered to be lifelong learners and have the opportunity to contribute to the College and wider community is a focus at St Andrews.  We provide opportunities for our students to experience ‘more than a good education… an education for good’.

In the Senior School the holistic development of our students is achieved through the College’s diverse academic, cultural, sporting and pastoral care and spiritual formation programs.  Our experienced staff work hard to encourage each St Andrews student to develop their skills and abilities to: think critically, creatively and analytically; make informed decisions; develop their own identity; build relationships; communicate effectively and become lifelong and life-wide learners. Our students are also encouraged to be ‘others centred’ and to make the most of opportunities to contribute to the wider community.

At St Andrews we recognise that the three distinct phases in the Senior School are very different and each year level has diverse needs.

Preparing for Senior

Year 10 is a significant transitional year where our students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their learning, focus on skills and attitudes that will assist them in taking the next step, as well as developing a comprehensive career plan in partnership with parents.

Preparing to Lead

Year 11 is an opportunity for our students to further build their knowledge and skills as lifelong and life-wide learners, refine their career plans and develop their leadership and teamwork skills as they prepare to lead the College.

Preparing to Launch

Year 12 is an exciting and challenging year, where students as leaders of the College complete the final phase of their secondary education and launch into the world of university studies, vocational traineeships and apprenticeships through ongoing monitoring of individual career plans, focused learning and extensive preparation for the QCS test.

At St Andrews there is a strong focus for our students to build positive relationships with one another, their teachers and developing relationship skills for life. This is achieved through a Positive Behaviours Framework and Restorative Practices. We have a number of teachers trained to lead restorative conversations to ensure the best outcome for all. Our teachers work hard to get to know their students and walk alongside them in the journey through the senior phase of learning. The senior phase of learning is most successful when there is a strong partnership between the College and home.

I look forward to working with you as your son or daughter journeys through the Senior School at St Andrews, a place where ‘everybody is somebody’.

Tania Stewart 

Head of Senior School