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Careers Pathways

Helping students to identify and follow appropriate career pathways is an integral aspect of our students’ transition from senior schooling to tertiary education and employment. We encourage students to see their career as a journey and not as a destination. St Andrews is able to assist students in this adventure to explore their pathways to future education or employment as well as support them through a wide variety of alternative study options in Years 11 and 12. 

Here is a link to the College careers website. www.careerssalc.comwhere much valuable information for parents and students can be found about learning pathways and career options during and post school.

St Andrews senior students are able to gain assistance with the following: career counselling, VET pathway advice and support, subject selection for Year 10 and for Years 11 and 12, resume writing, job search, interview preparation, tertiary pathways and course information, QTAC and interstate/overseas applications, work experience, careers expos and Gap Year opportunities.

In Year 10students participate in Destinations,our designated careers program, aimed at helping students identify their career interest areas and appreciate factors that may affect their career decision making processes. By the end of Year 10, Students set up their Career Plan which helps them to establish goals and pathways suited their identified career interest areas. The Career Plan process informs their choice of subjects to take in senior school.

For more information about the subjects on offer in Year 10, please see the Subject Selection guide for Year 10.

Year 10 Course Information and Subject Choices

During Years 11 and 12, there are various pathways open to students for entry to tertiary education of the workplace. *Options available to our students include:

  • Studying  6 Authority Subjects plus the Queensland Core Skills Test (QCST) to get an OP (Overall Position)
  • Taking 5 Authority Subjects and a VET course, as well as complete the QCST to get an OP score and a possible QTAC selection rank (for the VET course).
  • undertaking a combination of Authority Subjects and Authority-Registered Subjects
  • and/or a traineeship or other VET course leading to a Certificate III or higher, to get a QTAC Selection Rank

*These pathways will run until the end of 2019 for the current Year 11 cohort and change at the start of 2019 for incoming Year 10 students with the advent of the new senior assessment and tertiary entrance (ATAR) procedures)

For further information about subjects on offer in Years 11 and 12, please see the Subject Selection guide.

Year 11 and 12 Course Information and Subject Choices

Students are able to apply to university in Queensland using either an OP or QTAC selection rank as long as they satisfy the pre-requisites for the program they are applying for. Visit more detailed information.