Information Technology

Students and staff at St Andrews Lutheran College enjoy a diverse range of access to Information Technology. The Information Technology department exists in the state of the art Cecile Ryan Resource Centre where we provide a Help Desk and information service to all students and staff. 

Wireless technology is accessible in every learning space throughout the College.  Computer labs throughout the Middle and Senior School support all core subject areas along with specialist areas.  We also have mobile laptop trolleys available with the Resource Centre for student use. Students have access to many different technologies and platforms such laptops, iMac’s, iPads and desktops.  Students have access to current industry standard software such as Adobe Suite, AutoCAD and Microsoft Office.

St Andrews caters for technology needs that are age appropriate and will provide effective learning outcomes for all year levels.

Information Technology student device pathway

BYOD will be compulsory for students in Years 10-12 in 2017.

Bring Your Own Technology – BYOT Program

The College has implemented a BYOT – “Bring Your Own Technology” environment in the Senior School.  Under a BYOT program students are able to connect a technology device of choice to the College WIFI and access electronic College resources.  Allowing students to choose their preferred device enables them to work with technology they are already familiar and comfortable with.   It also encourages greater responsibility of their device.  As BYOD allows students access to the same devices at school and at home, it can extend learning opportunities to times and places outside of the classroom. 

To enhance our BYOT program the College provides students in the Middle and Senior Schools with their own Microsoft Office 365 account which provides 1TB of online storage in the cloud along with access to  Microsoft Office web apps allowing students to create and edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel documents from any modern browser on their device.

“BYOT makes one-to-one easier by simply leveraging the devices that students already have”.

Responsibilities of BYOT

Students must bring their device of choice to school charged every day.  At this stage students can only connect one device to the College WIFI. The responsibility to keep student device(s) secure rests with the individual owner. Lockers are provided to each student. St Andrews Lutheran College nor its staff or employees, are liable for any device lost, stolen or damaged at school. Additionally, protective cases for technology are strongly recommended.

BYOD Program Hardware specifications

Parent CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) Portal

To assist with purchasing decisions the College has partnered with 'The School Locker', a division of Harvey Norman, to provide education pricing on student IT devices available for purchase through an online portal. The School Locker and the College have been negotiating with a range of vendors to setup a Parent 'Choose Your Own Device' portal to assist in purchasing devices for their children. These devices have been preselected to meet the requirements for learning in the classroom.   

Participation in this program is voluntary. The College is simply providing an online option for parents who may be looking to purchase a new device for their child/ren and require assistance.

The School Locker will be running the program and delivery of devices for parents will be directly through The School Locker as the provider. Payment can be made online via credit card or with Flexirent finance options available. The finance options available can be beneficial when combined with accidental damage protection. The College is simply promoting this as a service to make decisions and purchasing easier for families and is not involved in the contract of purchase and supply.

Students/Parents need to register with a student advantage card to be eligible for these discounts online. These cards are available from Junior, Middle and Senior Administration areas or the IT Department in the Cecile Ryan Centre.  

Portal link -

Apple Education Portal for St Andrews Lutheran College -

We hope you find this portal of assistance in purchasing your child a device. 

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