The St Andrews Lutheran College Senior Library is located in the Cecile Ryan Centre (CRC).  This open and flexible space reflects current needs of students and embraces respect, diversity, individuality and equality of all. The Senior Library is focussed on engaging student voice and providing safe and inclusive spaces within the library. 

Students have an active voice in the development of the collection of fiction and non-fiction, which are available in a variety of formats (printed, digital, graphic novels, audio-books and magazines). This has the added benefit of fostering the habit of reading for pleasure while also supporting the learning needs of students. Collection development is an ongoing and deliberate process which aims to provide windows into others’ lives while reflecting the lives of our students and community.

The library space is available for creative activities outside of class times. Co-curricular activities in the CRC are student-driven and led. Current activities include: Readers Cup, Minecraft Club, Esports (including FUSE Cup and League of Legends), Dungeons and Dragons, Creative Writing and Book Club and the Awareness Committee. Pop-up zen stations and jigsaw stations, craft and makerspace activities are also popular with the students.

The CRC senior library is a space where every young Andrian belongs and is valued. 


The senior library is staffed with a Teacher Librarian who is accessible to all students for assistance with the research process, academic integrity and ethical use of resources, along with multiple library personnel who can assist with all queries and literacy support. 

Director of Learning and Student Pathways

The Director of Learning and Student Pathways' office is located in the CRC. Advice on subject selection, traineeships, careers and further study is available by appointment which can be made by emailing

Opening Hours

The Library is open from 7:30am until 5:00pm weekdays, term time. Please note that access before and after school is only applicable to students in Years 7 to 12.

After hours library policy

Text Books

Textbooks are allocated from the library to students at the commencement of the school year and returned at the end of the year. Terms and conditions stated in the Library Use Agreement are mandatory. Library Use Agreement for Students