College Carnivals

All students from the Early Learning Centre through to Year 12 participate in multiple College Carnivals throughout the year.

Students in Years 4 to 12 will represent their House by participating in the Intra-School Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals.

ELC to Year 3 students will participate in the Mini Cross Country and Mini Games Carnivals held on Campus and lead by our Junior School Leaders.

Representative Carnivals

Students who perform well at the Year 4 to 12 carnivals have the opportunity to represent St Andrews at the 10-19 Years Hinterland District Sport Carnivals. From these carnivals, students can then be selected in Regional, State and National teams.

Students in Years 4 to 6 can also be selected in the Inter Lutheran Carnivals teams. Students can be selected in the Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics teams to compete against Southern Lutheran Associated Primary Schools (SLAPS) carnivals. Students are selected in these teams based on their performance at the relevant College Carnivals.