Sport Leadership

Fostering student potential is central to the leadership opportunities within the St Andrews sports program. The following leadership positions are offered to students:

  • Junior School Sport Captains (Year 6)
  • Junior School House Captains (Year 6)
  • Active School Leaders (Year 6)
  • Middle School House Captains (Year 9)
  • Senior School Sport Captains (Year 12)
  • Senior School House Captains (Year 12)

Students elected to these positions meet regularly as a team with their respective Head of Sport. Their role is to promote a positive sport culture that is inclusive and respectful. Specifically, they assist the planning and running of:

  • The Year 4 to 6 Swimming Carnival
  • The Year 7 to 12 Swimming Carnival
  • The Year 4 to 6 Cross Country Carnival
  • The Year 7 to 12 Cross Country Carnival
  • The Year 4 to 6 Athletics Carnival
  • The Year 7to 12 Athletics Carnival
  • Lunchtime sport activities
  • Coaching and mentoring younger sports teams

Sports staff work closely alongside these students, facilitating their growth and assisting their understanding of what leadership means.